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DT Tools

These holders are made so you can use the insert you need for the matiral you are running and at a price you can afford, these inserts can be purchased from any major company and are standard inserts.

The Money Maker
If It’s Not Running, It’s Not making you money.

We produce a carbide inserted box tool bit, carbide inserted stick tool bit, conversion kit, and all-in-one turning tool for automatic screw machines and lathes.


Brake Lathe Turning Tools Conversion Kit


Stick Tool

Conversion Kit

The screws are standard 10X32, 6X32, or 4X40 screws that have been turned for chip clearance. The turned screw can be purchased.

You can use the same 3/8” 80 deg. Insert for the 1/4“-7/16” holders, and a 1/2” 80 deg. Insert for the 1/2”-5/8” holders.

We recommend a CNGP or CNMP type insert for our holders and they can be purchased from us or your local supplier. The insert received with purchase of a DT Holder is coated and works well on the harder metals such as 8620 and stress proof material.

It is not recommended to take over (½) the insert on the depth of cut.

These holders will save you the time it takes to take the tool out, grind the tool, replace it and get it back on center. Just turn or change the insert.

The first shift will pay for the holder and the next shift will pay for a box of inserts.

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